Vinyl Decal Mural Sticker Beaver Kids Room 004

We offer decals in large and small sizes. You get to choose any color you want for this decal from our list of colors in the picture above.

Decal Set includes:
1. Vinyl decal.
2. Installation manual.
3. Cardboard tube (packaging).

About our product:
1. Our decals are removable, but not reusable.
2. The vinyl has a 6 year life span when properly installed.
3. Our vinyl decals are easy to install.

1. To USA is 1-3 business days.
2. Worldwide is 14-20 business days

? Send a message to us which color you want! If you do not send a message, then we do the decal in a glossy black color.

  • Attention, buyers! This is a decal made & sold by VSDeacls only! Other sellers sell forged product.
  • If you buy from China, do not write us a review!
  • Before you click [Add to Cart], make sure it is [Sold by VSDeacls].
  • We guarantee that you will receive the high quality vinyl by 3M or FDC. Cheaper price means cheap plastic. Our product proudly made in USA and shipped from USA. Don't buy from fake sellers!
  • If you buy from other sellers, we do not guarantee the quality. You can choose any color from our color chart! Just send us a message. If you don't send, we will ship in glossy black!