Penguins Nesting Doll

Four jolly penguins wearing colorful shawls against the cold. Cute and humorous faces. The third doll holds a fish in his beak. Hand lathed, handpainted. Please Note: We recently had some customers, not knowing how to properly open nesting dolls, return them in the mistaken belief they were defective. Nesting dolls are designed to be easy to open--but also hold together well, and not fall open at the slightest touch. One does not twist a nesting doll open. If you do that, the doll will spin around (as its designed to do). The proper way to open a nesting doll is to "crack" it open. Hold it in your hands and bend the two halves outward. You will hear a satisfying pop as the two halves separate. Thank you. If you have any questions about nesting dolls, their care, or their manufacture, please telephone us at 800-779-2205.

  • Handlathed, handpainted
  • A piece of Russian folklorish art
  • No two are alike!
  • Ships FREE! (no gimmicks, no hidden fees, no conditions)